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Sotirios Karabatakis

Sotiris Karampatakis is a Developer and Data Analyst. He holds a B.Sc.
in Physics, University of Crete and M.Sc. Web Science, School of
Mathematics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is creator and
maintainer of many datasets of the Greek LOD cloud (Greek libraries
bibliographic and authority records, Greek WordNet), current
administrator and developer of the Greek DBpedia, a contributor on
Wikipedia and Wikidata, contributor in the open-source, public domain
projects and active member of the Europeana Network Association and the
DBpedia Association. He is an expert in Data Modeling, Ontology Engineering
and Semantic Web technologies. His area of research includes Semantic
Web, Ontology Alignment, NLP, Knowledge Engineering, Data Analytics,
Data Visualization, SSNs, IoT.