Introductory speech – Workshop’s theme and objectives

N. Mitrou, NTUA Professor / former HEAL-Link’s Chairman / Coordinator of the Project "Kallipos"

Open/continuing Education (OE) and Lifelong Learning (LLL), with opportunities for all, apart from their ethical and moral values, enclose a strong potential for economic growth and innovation in the knowledge society. Enabled by the new digital technologies and the multiplicative power of openness, they can help individuals as well as the society as a whole to face the problems imposed by the big radical changes and megatrends of today. Open Educational Resources (OER), in particular, can play an important role in the LLL process. The diversity of the knowledge background and needs of LL learners calls for increased flexibility in course design and structuring learning materials by teachers/instructors. At the same time, learners should have the freedom to personalize the learning procedure as well as the expected learning outcomes. There is no doubt that such a flexibility can only be offered through reusing, revising, remixing, redistributing openly available educational material. This event will focus on the role that Higher Education Institutions and Libraries are called to play in LLL, particularly through the development and provision of OER. In this introductory presentation, the motives and the objectives of the workshop will be highlighted, with references to respective figures and statistics from Greece and worldwide. The content of the sessions to follow will also be outlined.

Time Slot : 11:28 - 35:04