The "Kallipos" Project/Repository and the contribution of open academic textbooks in Lifelong Learning

D. Kouis, Assistant Professor, University of West Attica (UNIWA),

St. Christaki, Sociologist, HEAL-Link / NTUA Branch,

St. Koutsileou, Philologist, HEAL-Link / NTUA Branch,

G. Veranis, Senior Software Developer, HEAL-Link / NTUA Branch

"Kallipos", the digital repository of open content e-textbooks and OER (, was developed within the framework of the project "Kallipos" (, which was co-funded by National and European funds. The "Kallipos" Repository contains more than five hundred and twenty academic textbooks, as well as more than seven thousand learning objects with high-quality content. All the above are available free of charge and with open licensing for educational use, not only by members of the Academic/Research Community but also by society as a whole. Currently, the content is used for Formal Education needs, however, potentially it can also be used for Non-formal or Informal Education and Lifelong Learning needs. In this presentation, the objectives of the "Kallipos" project will be presented, followed by the first stages of implementation and its progress -up to date and into the future- and interesting statistics on the use of the Repository by different types of users (faculty/educators, students/learners, and, in general, Lifelong learners). In conclusion, this presentation aims to illustrate how the Open Educational Resources of the "Kallipos" project, precisely because of the way they were developed and their specific features as open electronic resources, and especially the academic textbooks, can adapt to meet Lifelong Learning needs, such as development/advancement of digital skills, professional development/progress, etc., as well as the particular needs of people/students with learning disabilities / special needs.

Time Slot : 3:50:03 - 4:12:00