Hellenic Open University Libr@ry. Challenges for Life Long Learning.

M. Hadjinicolaou, Hellenic Open University Professor / Head of the Library Committee

The mission of the Hellenic Open University, HOU, is the provision of open and distance undergraduate and postgraduate education. This is achieved within the framework of a systematic and holistic approach supported by innovative educational and technological facilities such as the Laboratory of Educational Material and of Educational Methodology, the Evaluation and Training Unit, the Library and Information Center. Using these resources, the HOU Library develops pioneering remote services, that are open to the entire academic community of HOU, but also open to the public. These services focus on providing access to resources, aiming to update and disseminate scientific knowledge, to upgrade and acquire digital and learning skills and to provide personalized guidance and support for all the library users. This way, the prospects of the library users, for personal, social and professional development are served according to the objectives of Lifelong Learning. Within this context, we will present the library services, discuss future challenges and analyze the key role they play in the fulfilment of the mission of the Hellenic Open University.

Time Slot : 2:39:46 - 3:00:46