Hellenic Academic Libraries’ initiatives on Open Science in Greece

G. Tsakonas, Acting Director, Library & Information Center, Univ. of Patras / ΗEAL-Link

In 2016, the European Commission set up the Open Science Policy Platform, an Experts Forum, which is framed by other - thematically focused - working groups and advises the EC on Open Science issues. The OSPP has immediately recognized that in a system of openness, which is constantly expanding either from social pressures, or from technological progress, to the benefit of European citizens, it is not possible to approach all science issues simply as issues of access to information. Thus, Open Science overarches the aspects of Open Access and occupies the space of different domains that interact together. The dependencies between these domains require coordinated action and result in a profound structural and cultural change. This presentation will summarize the actions of the Consortium of Greek Academic Libraries for Open Science and explain why Greek academic libraries are a reliable partner in this effort.

Time Slot : 3:00:47 - 3:23:16