Open Education, Lifelong Learning and Academic Libraries: from policy to action

St. Koutsileou, Philologist, HEAL-Link / NTUA Branch,

Chr. Anastasopoulou, Librarian, NTUA Central Library

In this presentation, we will be introducing collaborative initiatives that have been successfully implemented by Academic Libraries and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Europe and worldwide. In these projects, 21st century educational policies for Life Long Learning and Open Education have been transformed into concrete actions, therefore they can serve as a guide to best practices for similar collaborative ventures that could be undertaken by the Greek Academic Libraries and the members of the Academic community. Indeed, the international experience confirms that the involvement/engagement of Libraries is crucial for the effective adoption of Open Educational Resources/Practices as a tool for Lifelong Learning / Continuing Education.

Time Slot : 3:23:17 - 3:49:59