Management, Publishing and Availability of Open Educational Resources: the role of Linked Data and Libraries

Char. Bratsas, Founder / CEO of Open Knowledge Foundation Greece,

S. Karampatakis, Developer / Data Analyst OKF Greece

Open Educational Resources (OER) offer an opportunity for open and
free access to educational resources, with licenses that allow their
users to revise, reuse, remix and redistribute their content. While
nowadays there is a vast amount of OER available, searching, querying
and integrating/interlinking of those resources remain difficult. Linked
Data is a technological solution that can handle issues regarding the
publishing and exploration of data/resources on the Web, allowing a user
or a machine to explore and consume the Web of Data. Therefore it is
obvious that the Linked Data Principles are a viable and sustainable
solution to the problem of searching and browsing OER. Additionally,
Libraries are a major regulator, aggregator, and actor of these
practices. What are the best practices and how can we follow or even

Time Slot : 4:54:48 - 5:21:30