A Proposal for sustainable management and lifelong use of academic textbooks

N. Mitrou, NTUA Professor / former HEAL-Link’s Chairman / Coordinator of the Project "Kallipos",

D. Kouis, Assistant Professor, Archival, Library & Information Studies, UNIWA

In this presentation, the existing textbook production and provisioning system in the Greek Higher Education domain is reviewed. It concerns printed books mainly, written by faculty members (or translated from other languages into Greek), published by local publishers and distributed to the undergraduate students by a centrally managed service called “Eudoxus”. The expenses are covered by public funds with a considerably high budget each year. Electronic books, on the other hand, provided mainly by the “Kallipos” repository with open licences, cover only 4% of the total number of books required by undergraduate curricula in all disciplines. A critical assessment of the aforementioned system is attempted on a cost-benefit basis and the main advantages of the open electronic textbooks are highlighted. Among these advantages is the potential use (and actual, according to gathered usage data) of the Open Educational Resources in all levels of Post-tertiary education: Formal, Non-formal and Informal, including Lifelong Learning. The presentation concludes with specific proposals for a radical reform of the academic textbook provisioning system in Greece.

Time Slot : 5:21:32 - 5:51:16